John Lydon joins touring cast of Jesus Christ Superstar

John Lydon joins touring cast of Jesus Christ Superstar

I was probably a teenager during roughly the same era as most of you reading this and at that time it was impossible to predict where some of those we looked up to might be in thirty or thirty five years time. Come to think of it I don’t even know that it was a consideration as things felt more in the moment, so much so that it seemed 2014 might never even arrive.

Decades later on the music front…

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In the studio with Jones and Simonon

Good morning, I feel like I slept in a shoe box last night such is the pain in my neck and joints.

Westway Traffic 27 - Mystery Train, Richard III and Jewish Punk Roots

Westway Traffic 27 – Mystery Train, Richard III and Jewish Punk Roots

Well hello again and thanks for stumbling back in through the door. The lights were off and the blinds closed for a few days but I saw a shaft of sunlight today and thought I ought to update the blog a bit and have a tidy up. I’m digging my way out of the work backlog as I write so expect more frequent transmissions again starting this weekend. For now I thought we’d gather up a few loose friends…

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Good evening and thanks for dropping in, take a seat, smoking is allowed and by all means you can take control of the stereo if you like. A short post this evening and I’m doing this as a favour for the potential seller but also because it’s well overdue that we took time to remember Ray Lowry on the blog again.

Most of you will already know much about Ray, the unique illustrator had worked for the NME and is well known to fans of The Clash. As a good friend of the band he became part of the traveling entourage when they toured North America in 1979 to document the events as only he could – by drawing them. You’ll all have seen his artwork even if you didn’t realise it at the time and he was famous for conceiving the album art  & layout for London Calling. Sadly we lost Ray back in 2008, the year before I began this blog.

I’d certainly recommend that you explore to learn and see so much more and there’s also a rather good occassional blog on that site so get along and visit, they even have a great online shop.

Tonight I wanted to let you see some photos of a one of-a-kind piece of Lowry’s work – an oil painting of Joe Strummer. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the gallery of images below. The chap who owns it purchased it personally from Ray in 2007 and has decided to sell it. He felt that readers of the blog would love to see the piece and perhaps amongst you there might be an interested buyer and collector of Clash memorabilia and before you ask, of course you can gift it to me.

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If you are interested in the piece and would like to contact the seller directly you are welcome to email him via this link for more details, his name is Stuart and if you can just mention you saw it here that would be helpful. We may add it to the shop on this site in the weeks ahead but wanted to give those with serious interest a chance to speak to him first. I regret I don’t know the exact dimensions – I should have those in the morning. Any other questions feel free to contact me or leave comments below. If you do purchase it I’d like to look after it for a few nights each year, like the European Cup or something.

Thanks as always for reading, back tomorrow I’d expect.

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One of a kind Ray Lowry oil painting of Joe Strummer (now for sale) Good evening and thanks for dropping in, take a seat, smoking is allowed and by all means you can take control of the stereo if you like.